matt arthur is playing on saturday night

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Hi everybody.

We have lots of good stuff happening this weekend. Maria’s is here tonight (Thursday), Russell’s Traveling Kitchen with all their wonderful Pho fair is here on Friday, and Potter’s Pasties is back on Saturday.

No Time for Fame is playing on Friday, and while that’s a ridiculously good band, even they would admit that Saturday night’s music looks spectacular.

Matt Arthur has just put out a new solo album, and he’s celebrating that release at Imminent on Saturday night by bringing two separate bands to play two extended sets with him. On the first set, he’ll be accompanied by the Blood Washed Band, a Twin Cities country/gospel “supergroup” featuring members of The Roe Family Singers, The Urban Hillbilly Quartet, and The Powder Milk Biscuit Band. His familiar backing band, The Bratlanders, will back his second set. We’ll also get a smattering of Matt all by himself. If you’re a fan of Matt Arthur, and if you aren’t you clearly haven’t heard him, you will absolutely want to be here on Saturday.

Both of our shows this weekend are representative of the kind of music we try to book at Imminent. Obviously we are not what you would call a music venue in the traditional sense, because this is more than a place for people to come hear music, and we don’t have music every night that we’re open. But we like to think that the music we do offer isn’t just good, but great. Our taproom is busy night after night, and you folks keep telling us that the atmosphere and the ambiance is one of the big reasons why.

We’re proud of that, so we’re selective about who plays here. We won’t just throw someone out there without knowing a little something about them first. We don’t shy away from artists who play original material, we don’t lock in on any one kind of music, and we certainly demand a level of quality in performance and musicianship. The bands you hear at Imminent are eclectic, fun, and very good. That’s our promise to you.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be a great time. We’ll see you down here soon.

Yoga and beer

Michelle Moad

Michelle Moad

Hey guys.

Have you ever done yoga?

I’m a big believer in it. It’s a wonderfully meditative way to get a little bit of a workout. It’s so good for flexibility and balance.

Do you like beer?

I’m a big believer in beer. It can come is so many different forms and tastes. There’s always a beer to suit my mood and how I’m feeling. Beer is like an old friend who, when enjoyed responsibly, is always there for you, no matter what the situation.

Now, dear friends, like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup (of which I’m also a big fan), Imminent Brewing is offering you two great tastes that taste great together. This Sunday, you can come do yoga at the brewery.

Michelle Moad, an instructor at Northfield’s renowned HeartWork Studio, will lead a yoga class for all levels of experience beginning at 11 a.m. When the class is over, all participants are invited to enjoy a complimentary beverage (beer or soda). Our doors will open at 10:45 for people taking the class.

That means, no matter if you’re someone who does yoga every day, someone who took a few classes ten years ago, or someone who has never tried it but is yoga-curious, you can show up at Imminent and join in. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

Obviously we are not a yoga studio, so you do need to bring your own yoga mat, and bringing a water bottle is a pretty good idea too. Also you’ll need your ID and $10 cash for the class.

And if this goes the way we think it will, this will become a regular second-Sunday-of-the-month event.

So many of you have done yoga in your living room. Why not try it now in Northfield’s Living Room?

Also, it’s just a great way to relax in preparation for the Vikings playoff game later that afternoon, which you’ll be able to watch on our big screen.

Cheers! Skol! Namaste!

We have to talk about The Pines

Whatever plans you have for Saturday the 13th, just go ahead and cancel them now. This is more important.

We’ve gotten together with our friends at Armory Square, The Northfield Arts Guild, and Ray Coudret & Dan Rustad who run the 411 Concert Series, to present The Pines on Saturday at the newly remodeled Armory space in Northfield.

First, we have to acknowledge the opening of the new event space at Armory Square (yes, the old Northfield Armory). This is pretty exciting. Owners Jon and Liz Reppe have worked hard to turn what was, essentially a gymnasium into a space fit for real honest-to-god grown-up celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, class reunions, and anything else one would celebrate with all one’s friends. Plus, as you’ll see on Saturday, this is going to be one awesome concert venue.

The Pines will be at Armory Square on Saturday night

The Pines will be at Armory Square on Saturday night

The Pines are just an excellent choice to open that building. Led by Benson Ramsey and David Huckfelt, The Pines combine elements of country, folk and Americana music with atmospheric grooves and truly haunting melodies to create a beautiful, spooky and unique sound. David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine has called them “quietly gripping,” and “starkly poetic.” They’ve played from California to New York, and all parts in between, and have a fierce, if “cult,” following all over the country. One day you’ll see The Pines on Saturday Night Live. This band is that good.

We’ll have some of your favorite Imminent beverages for sale at the bar, but when the show is over you’ll want to come over to the taproom and tell all your friends who missed the show how great it was. Tickets for The Pines are available here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend has a lot going on, too.

We have the guys from TLA playing Thursday night, and Northfield’s own Sam Ryden will make his Imminent Brewing debut on Friday. Sunday, of course, is the start (we hope) of the Vikings official march to the Super Bowl. They play the New Orleans Saints at 3:40 on Sunday afternoon, and we’ll have the game on the big screen. What better place to watch than Northfield’s Living Room?

Maria’s will be set up for tacos and all kinds of other wonderful south-of-the-border fare on Friday night, and we’re delighted to have the Potter’s Pastie truck in on Saturday. Thursday and Sunday, as is the case any other day we’re open, you all are welcome to bring your own food or order from any one of our amazing local pizza delivery establishments.

So, come in this weekend. Try the Snowcrush Mole Porter or the 1955 Oatmeal Stout with a shot of Groundwire coffee. We have so much cool stuff happening. Plus you get to see The Pines. Greatest January weekend ever!

growlers and stuff


Hello friends.

Well, it’s Thursday, which means we’re open at 4 p.m. and, after an eventful holiday season, we’re back to our regular winter hours.

We missed you guys while we were away over Christmas, and when we came back it was clear you had missed us, too. The growler orders came pouring in almost immediately on Thursday afternoon, sometimes two and three at a time. All were happily filled, and (we're pretty sure) all were happily enjoyed as well.

This actually led to an interesting topic of conversation. People want to know how long a growler will last once they take it home.

Resisting the urge to make a joke about that owl and Tootsie Pops (“the world may never know”), we can make some suggestions.

First of all, because the lid is sealed, the beer inside should be good for at least a week, and maybe two, before it’s opened. Those seals are obviously not industrial things, they’re just wrappers attached with a heat gun, so they won’t hold up for months. But if you take a growler home and put it in your refrigerator, it should stay well carbonated for 7-10 days unopened.

Once you break the seal, however, you want to drink that beer within 24 hours or so. This really shouldn’t be much of a problem for most of you, as there are the equivalent of four pints in a 64 oz. growler. If it’s you and someone else, that’s two pints each. Not much different than a normal visit to our taproom.

And to answer the other most frequently asked question: yes, we will fill growlers from other breweries, as long as those bottles are 64 ounces (which is standard). If you bring in a growler from another brewery and ask to have it filled, our staff will take a little time to wash out the inside for a couple different reasons. The first is simply for sanitary/health purposes. We don’t know what was in that growler before you brought it to us, nor do we know how long it’s been sitting with a cap on it. We need to make sure everything we give back to you is clean and healthy. Secondly, we want you to enjoy our beer without any residual flavors from another brewery. So,we’re happy to fill a non-Imminent Growler. We just ask for a little extra patience while we tend to it properly.

We have great music this week! The Frothy Band, a group of immensely talented musicians that includes local musician Matt Wehling, his brother Paul, and formerly local musician (and Irish/Celtic musician extraordinaire) Laura MacKenzie, will bring their acoustic Irish stylings to the taproom on Friday night. Saturday will see the return of Imminent favorites, The Zillionaires. Music starts at 7 p.m. (or so) both nights. Additionally, we may have Craft Mobile Kitchen in on Friday (depending on weather) and Mariah’s Taco Hut on Saturday.

Okay, cool. See you guys this weekend!

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