Tessa Rogers and the Science of Beer

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Every person who works here at Imminent is pretty remarkable in their own right, but as the senior (i.e. old man) of the staff, I personally have marveled at the young people we have here. These kids (pardon the term, but they’re the same age as my daughters, so they will be kids to me for their entire lives) are incredible. They’re all just great people. They work damn hard, they’re engaging and easy to talk to, and each one is smart as hell.

Take Tessa Rogers, for example. She’s giving a talk on Friday – at Imminent – about the science behind the beer we make, and the chemistry that goes into creating all these different flavors.

Tessa is a senior at St. Olaf, and was probably the first person hired to be on our staff, but had to defer her employment over the summer while she was back home in Bellingham, Washington. I have often referred to her as a “warrior,” because I don’t know too many other people who would come to work a full shift at the brewery after separating her shoulder in a rugby match that afternoon. And not only is she tough as nails, she's also nothing short of brilliant.

She’ll tell you that when she started the school year she knew very little about beer. But as a chemistry major, she’s always had interest in the science behind brewing. And really, what college student doesn’t like beer? So she worked out a St. Olaf approved academic internship with Randy, Derek and Laura. As a result, she’s become a vital part of the process. Randy even refers to her as the Brewery Lab manager.

“She does a lot of microscope stuff,” he said. “She works with the yeast viability and the cell count of our beer.  She’s been super helpful.”

All this in just under six months.

So, what exactly is she going to talk about on Friday?

“I’m going to elaborate on what makes a beer a beer and how the brewing process allows us to manipulate the expressed aromas, flavors and color of a beer,” she said. She’s also going to “explain what I do as a scientist in the brew house to increase the sustainability and maintain quality standards of our product.”

Tessa plans to stick around Northfield this summer so she can keep working with us, but she has some bigger plans, too.

“I either want to own a brewery or cidery, or run a full fermentation quality lab (whether it is wine or beer chemistry),” she said. “I’d be all right owning a hop farm, too, hybridizing common varieties to achieve different flavors. “

The "kids" who work here are amazing. Come see Tessa’s talk on Friday and see if you’re not as impressed by her as we are.

The "Flavor Chemistry of Beer" talk, sponsored by the Society of Chemistry Students at St. Olaf College, begins at 4:00 on Friday. It is free and open to the public. SOCS students are invited to a pre-talk tour of the brewery at 3:30. All the details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1545636608805616/



Happy Thursday everybody!

Since we opened, one of the questions everybody asks is “What’s the deal with the mugs?”

It’s a good question.

The mugs are used by the members of our Mug Club. Put simply, they are 24 ounce containers which we will fill for you, for the price of a regular 16 ounce pint. So if you are a member of our mug club, and you order a Quick & the Red, for example, you’ll essentially receive a beer-and-a-half for $5. And then you’ll look like one of the cool kids, sitting there with your ceramic mug with the Imminent logo on it.

Membership in the mug club can be purchased at any time, right there at the bar. Our lifetime membership is $500. That includes a t-shirt, and our mug artist, Jordan Meyers of JM Pottery, will create a mug especially for you, which you can personalize by putting your name, initials, nickname, secret-code-word (really whatever you want) on the bottom of the mug. It will then take its place among all the other personalized mugs in our Rack of Honor.

The annual club also gets a t-shirt and use of one of our non-personalized mugs. This option is billed at $10 each month for the balance of the year. So, if you would like to join the mug club today, it would cost $100, and then you would be assessed for $120 in January 2019.

Speaking of Jordan Meyers, he is set up TODAY and TODAY ONLY, Thursday, February 15, in our taproom selling his work. Come on in and have a look at what he does. Jordan has a number of Imminent mugs for sale, as well as coasters, cups, bowls and all kinds of other cool stuff. These are mugs that do not have to live at Imminent. You can take these home!

Jordan has been working with pottery for more than a decade. If you’ve seen one of our mugs you know that he offers top quality work. This in-brewery appearance will give you a chance to really see his creativity as well.

(And, yes, Jordan is the brother of Derek Meyers, one of our owners.)

TODAY!! TODAY ONLY!!! 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

We’ll see you in a little bit.


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Strut your thermal stuff

Long Johns Fashion show.png

Let’s talk about your long underwear game for a second.

You know you have a good thing going, don’t you? You know how to match the perfect long sleeve t-shirt with those stretchy pants. You know when to go with the waffle knits and when the occasion demands synthetics. You’ve mastered the moment on when to pull out the v-neck, but you can wear that crew neck like a boss. You are an expert mix-and-matcher, and nobody – nobody - can beat you at color or texture.

You’ve loved your long underwear since you were 8 and your mom bought you your first pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Underoos. You are long underwear royalty. In your bedroom. All by yourself. Myabe your spouse or significant other knows what you can do with a union suit, but that’s it.

Brothers and sisters, it’s time to show the world what you got.

Tonight’s big Yeti Fest finale is the much-anticipated Long John’s Fashion show. This is the chance for you to publicly promenade yourself out in your favorite attire without anybody thinking twice, except to applaud you of course.

Why wouldn’t you want to do this? It’s a chance to hang out with all your friends in your comfiest clothes? And maybe, just maybe, you’ll pick up a tip or two. I mean, how often do you really discuss the pros and cons of thermal cotton versus wool? This could be a truly eye opening experience.

Eye opening, but maybe not eye-popping. This is a family show, so there’s no need to worry about anything but good old wholesome fun.

The Yeti Fest Long John’s Fashion Show is tonight at 8:00 at Armory Square. As an added treat, The Zillionaires are playing tonight at 6:00. It’s all part of the Big Yeti Party and it’s just a great way to wrap up Yeti Fest.

To register for the Long John’s Fashion show, here’s the URL: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_T2TKiZV36vDYmpndACYFsEHu6HmRvhd38SSVGVpZr7dLLQ/viewform

We’ll see you down here tonight!

Is this you?

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 1.19.52 PM.png

It’s here, baby! The great celebration of winter, Northfield, beer, frozen turkeys, long underwear and fictitious (maybe) creatures is upon us.

Shove the Olympics aside for the weekend, folks, because Yeti Fest starts today.

There are multiple activities happening today, including a ski and snowshoe party at Keepsake Cidery, a big ol’ party on the patio at Armory Square with s'mores and frozen turkey bowling, and a glorious reunion of one of Northfield’s all time favorite bands, Area 51.

But we need to talk about what is possibly the biggest event of the day, and that’s the Yeti Look Alike contest.

First, let’s just affirm and resolve one simple fact: of all the (possibly) mythical creatures out there - from the Loch Ness monster, to Sasquatch, to Unicorns, to the Northfielder who doesn’t like craft beer – none is more attractive than the Yeti. The Yeti is beautiful, in a non-threatening, non-sexual, simply-appreciative-of-the-aesthetic way.

So, why not celebrate the fact that you might indeed look like the Yeti.

Are you a hairy person? Are you pale? Well, of course you are, because both these things are endemic to being a Minnesotan in the middle of winter.

Even if you don’t fit the assumed standard definition of what a Yeti might look like, who cares? Has anyone ever really seen a Yeti? This might be your opportunity to redefine the whole idea of what a Yeti is supposed to look like. Or maybe there are different versions of that. There could be Hipster Yeti. Blue Collar Yeti. Professor Yeti. Rock Star Yeti. Really, the possibilities are endless.

And don’t think that you need to be a white, anglo-saxon looking Minnesotan to qualify. That’s just crap, in fact. Is the Yeti not Himalayan? So what does that mean? It means you could be of Asian decent, or African, or you know, Australian, even. It’s possible that the Yeti emigrated to the Himalayas from Qatar. Nobody knows.

What we’re trying to say, here, is all looks are legit. Man, woman, boy, girl, canine, feline, bovine – whatever. If you feel think you look like a Yeti, you should enter tonight’s contest. Or if you have a friend that looks like a Yeti, get them into the contest.

It starts at 8:30 tonight at Imminent, in between the Area 51 sets. You can show up and register on the spot. See you then.

PS. You can find all the information you need on Yeti Fest by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1655824034479097/



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