Well hi there.

Welcome to the Imminent Brewing blog. A peek behind the bar, as it were, and a look at what’s going on with what has no doubt become your favorite taproom. The purpose of this space for now has really yet to be determined. Of course we will use it to keep you apprised of special events, new beers coming on, and maybe some notes on the music we’ve booked (Ha! See what we did there?). But we may find ourselves branching out a little to tell some stories. Any time lots of people come together to share a pint or two there’s always a chance something could happen that’s never happened before. As those things happen, and if you’re interested, we’ll tell you about them.

Today, however, let’s just focus on what is at hand: Winter Walk. Northfield’s annual holiday festivity kickoff is always a fun night filled with special events, good food, and great deals from all the stores on Division Street. This will be the first Winter Walk at Imminent, so we want to make it special. If you start at the North end of Division, you can peruse all of those awesome shops, and wind your way down to us. Maria’s Taco Truck will be here with her amazing tamales and other delicacies to warm your bones. The great Ray Coudret will bring his band Fred the Bear Acoustic Trio  to play some music and feed the festive mood.

Finally, we’re proud to announce that, as of Thursday, we will have cold brew coffee on tap. No, that isn’t a beer. It is just exactly what it sounds like. Courtesy of our friends across the street at Groundwire Coffee roasters, you’ll be able to come in and buy a 10 oz. glass of cold coffee.  We’re thrilled to be able to offer another non-alcoholic option for those people who (quizzically) don’t drink beer while at the same time allows us to serve another craft beverage producer in Northfield.

So, that’s what you guys need to know for now. There are some cool things on the near horizon over here, so keep checking back here. Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social media platforms. Everything you need to know about us is all there.

We’ll talk to you guys soon.