Thank you

Happy Day(s) after Christmas everybody!

Even though we were closed last week, there was a development that we need to discuss. There are people to thank, and there is a lot of gratitude to parcel out.

Last week, just after we celebrated our One-half Year Anniversary, the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce named Imminent Brewing the Northfield Business of the Year.


What a wonderful, humbling, and truly unexpected honor.

As most of you who read this blog have surmised, it is not written by the ownership team of Tonja, Randy, Laura and Derek, but this is the statement they collectively issued on social media after the announcement was made:

“Thank you to everyone who helped us become the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce's Business of the Year. We owe so much to so many and feel incredibly grateful for all your support! Perhaps too many to list here, but everyone who helped finance the project, build the space, our employees and especially our customers. Thanks for believing in us! We especially want to thank and congratulate our banker Rick Estenson of First National Bank of Northfield who won Business Person of the Year and Julie Haley of Tekton Engineers (they did engineering work for the brewery) on winning Ambassador of the Year!”

I’m just going to speak for the Loyal Order of Imminent Employees, Local 519B, and echo one of those thoughts. We can’t thank the patrons of Imminent Brewing enough. If you’re one of the people who comes in and waves to the bartenders as we retrieve your mug from the rack, or if you’re one of the people who “don’t really drink beer,” but order a Lift Bridge root beer or a Spring Grove Soda and spend some time playing games with your kids, or if you’re someone who comes in every couple weeks because you want to try our latest brewing concoction, or if you’re someone who comes from outside Northfield (there are so, so many of you) to pick up a growler of something and order a pint of something else while you wait, or if you’re one of those people who stand at the bar and meticulously survey our board and beer menu, and pick our brains as you sample a couple different beers before making a decision, thank you. To all of you, from our beloved regulars to those of you who have only been in one time; from the Northfield “Townies,” to the faculty, staff and (over 21) students at St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges, to all of you who come from all over the place… really just to all of you: thank you so much for supporting this brewery and helping to make working not really feel very much like “work.”

And, again, speaking for the staff, we want to thank and congratulate “The Bosses.” You guys make this place so comfortable and easy for us. You’ve trained and educated us well, always making us feel appreciated. Imminent is a fantastic place to work, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this thing.

Congratulations you guys!