We have to talk about The Pines

Whatever plans you have for Saturday the 13th, just go ahead and cancel them now. This is more important.

We’ve gotten together with our friends at Armory Square, The Northfield Arts Guild, and Ray Coudret & Dan Rustad who run the 411 Concert Series, to present The Pines on Saturday at the newly remodeled Armory space in Northfield.

First, we have to acknowledge the opening of the new event space at Armory Square (yes, the old Northfield Armory). This is pretty exciting. Owners Jon and Liz Reppe have worked hard to turn what was, essentially a gymnasium into a space fit for real honest-to-god grown-up celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, class reunions, and anything else one would celebrate with all one’s friends. Plus, as you’ll see on Saturday, this is going to be one awesome concert venue.

The Pines will be at Armory Square on Saturday night

The Pines will be at Armory Square on Saturday night

The Pines are just an excellent choice to open that building. Led by Benson Ramsey and David Huckfelt, The Pines combine elements of country, folk and Americana music with atmospheric grooves and truly haunting melodies to create a beautiful, spooky and unique sound. David Fricke of Rolling Stone Magazine has called them “quietly gripping,” and “starkly poetic.” They’ve played from California to New York, and all parts in between, and have a fierce, if “cult,” following all over the country. One day you’ll see The Pines on Saturday Night Live. This band is that good.

We’ll have some of your favorite Imminent beverages for sale at the bar, but when the show is over you’ll want to come over to the taproom and tell all your friends who missed the show how great it was. Tickets for The Pines are available here.

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend has a lot going on, too.

We have the guys from TLA playing Thursday night, and Northfield’s own Sam Ryden will make his Imminent Brewing debut on Friday. Sunday, of course, is the start (we hope) of the Vikings official march to the Super Bowl. They play the New Orleans Saints at 3:40 on Sunday afternoon, and we’ll have the game on the big screen. What better place to watch than Northfield’s Living Room?

Maria’s will be set up for tacos and all kinds of other wonderful south-of-the-border fare on Friday night, and we’re delighted to have the Potter’s Pastie truck in on Saturday. Thursday and Sunday, as is the case any other day we’re open, you all are welcome to bring your own food or order from any one of our amazing local pizza delivery establishments.

So, come in this weekend. Try the Snowcrush Mole Porter or the 1955 Oatmeal Stout with a shot of Groundwire coffee. We have so much cool stuff happening. Plus you get to see The Pines. Greatest January weekend ever!