matt arthur is playing on saturday night

Matt Arthur.jpg

Hi everybody.

We have lots of good stuff happening this weekend. Maria’s is here tonight (Thursday), Russell’s Traveling Kitchen with all their wonderful Pho fair is here on Friday, and Potter’s Pasties is back on Saturday.

No Time for Fame is playing on Friday, and while that’s a ridiculously good band, even they would admit that Saturday night’s music looks spectacular.

Matt Arthur has just put out a new solo album, and he’s celebrating that release at Imminent on Saturday night by bringing two separate bands to play two extended sets with him. On the first set, he’ll be accompanied by the Blood Washed Band, a Twin Cities country/gospel “supergroup” featuring members of The Roe Family Singers, The Urban Hillbilly Quartet, and The Powder Milk Biscuit Band. His familiar backing band, The Bratlanders, will back his second set. We’ll also get a smattering of Matt all by himself. If you’re a fan of Matt Arthur, and if you aren’t you clearly haven’t heard him, you will absolutely want to be here on Saturday.

Both of our shows this weekend are representative of the kind of music we try to book at Imminent. Obviously we are not what you would call a music venue in the traditional sense, because this is more than a place for people to come hear music, and we don’t have music every night that we’re open. But we like to think that the music we do offer isn’t just good, but great. Our taproom is busy night after night, and you folks keep telling us that the atmosphere and the ambiance is one of the big reasons why.

We’re proud of that, so we’re selective about who plays here. We won’t just throw someone out there without knowing a little something about them first. We don’t shy away from artists who play original material, we don’t lock in on any one kind of music, and we certainly demand a level of quality in performance and musicianship. The bands you hear at Imminent are eclectic, fun, and very good. That’s our promise to you.

Anyway, this weekend is going to be a great time. We’ll see you down here soon.