growlers and stuff


Hello friends.

Well, it’s Thursday, which means we’re open at 4 p.m. and, after an eventful holiday season, we’re back to our regular winter hours.

We missed you guys while we were away over Christmas, and when we came back it was clear you had missed us, too. The growler orders came pouring in almost immediately on Thursday afternoon, sometimes two and three at a time. All were happily filled, and (we're pretty sure) all were happily enjoyed as well.

This actually led to an interesting topic of conversation. People want to know how long a growler will last once they take it home.

Resisting the urge to make a joke about that owl and Tootsie Pops (“the world may never know”), we can make some suggestions.

First of all, because the lid is sealed, the beer inside should be good for at least a week, and maybe two, before it’s opened. Those seals are obviously not industrial things, they’re just wrappers attached with a heat gun, so they won’t hold up for months. But if you take a growler home and put it in your refrigerator, it should stay well carbonated for 7-10 days unopened.

Once you break the seal, however, you want to drink that beer within 24 hours or so. This really shouldn’t be much of a problem for most of you, as there are the equivalent of four pints in a 64 oz. growler. If it’s you and someone else, that’s two pints each. Not much different than a normal visit to our taproom.

And to answer the other most frequently asked question: yes, we will fill growlers from other breweries, as long as those bottles are 64 ounces (which is standard). If you bring in a growler from another brewery and ask to have it filled, our staff will take a little time to wash out the inside for a couple different reasons. The first is simply for sanitary/health purposes. We don’t know what was in that growler before you brought it to us, nor do we know how long it’s been sitting with a cap on it. We need to make sure everything we give back to you is clean and healthy. Secondly, we want you to enjoy our beer without any residual flavors from another brewery. So,we’re happy to fill a non-Imminent Growler. We just ask for a little extra patience while we tend to it properly.

We have great music this week! The Frothy Band, a group of immensely talented musicians that includes local musician Matt Wehling, his brother Paul, and formerly local musician (and Irish/Celtic musician extraordinaire) Laura MacKenzie, will bring their acoustic Irish stylings to the taproom on Friday night. Saturday will see the return of Imminent favorites, The Zillionaires. Music starts at 7 p.m. (or so) both nights. Additionally, we may have Craft Mobile Kitchen in on Friday (depending on weather) and Mariah’s Taco Hut on Saturday.

Okay, cool. See you guys this weekend!

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