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Ah, the Great American Weekend.

(We can call it that right? I’m sure weekends in Canada or Switzerland are lovely, but we’re in America and so we have the Great American Weekend. And do they even have weekends in Russia?)

Anyway, the Great American Weekend is just fundamental to our way of life. And if your house is anything like mine was growing up, Saturdays are for chores and Sundays are for loafing. And frankly, that can kind of make Sundays kind of boring. Heck, it used to be that things wouldn’t even be open on Sundays. Even now in a small town like Northfield, Sundays are seen as a day to rest and regroup. Certainly, one does not think of Sunday as a big “bar” day.

Well, lucky for you, we don’t really think of Imminent as a bar, because Sundays are spectacular days at the Taproom.

Sundays are for Yoga. Now every Sunday morning, (including this Sunday, by the way) we offer Yoga on Tap. Bring a Yoga mat and $10 with you and find some peace and balance among the kegs and bar stools. Instructors Michelle Moad and Sarah Bach-Bergs are incredibly welcoming and are good with all levels of yoga experience. And when you’re done, you can have a tasty, complimentary beverage. Beer, soda, Kombucha – whatever we have to offer. Beer and Yoga. It’s pretty great.

For the foreseeable future, which means through March, Northfield caterer and amazing culinary artist Shawnee Langworthy is offering brunch every Sunday. Shawnee’s creations range from gourmet pizzas (think Blackberry and Fennel, or Pear and Sausage with an organic egg) to Cheesy Bread Pudding Batons, to – oh my God - Apple French Toast Bake served with Red Cabbage, Date & Feta Slaw. Add to that a fresh, hot cup of Groundwire coffee or maybe a Betty Lou’s Brown Ale (or both). Café Shawn runs from 12-3, but she’s been really popular since this started and it’s possible she could run out of food before 3:00, so you should plan accordingly.

Every other Sunday night, Carleton professor Arnab Chakladar brings his long running and challenging-as-hell quiz night to Imminent. This is not your average bar trivia; this is a real test of one’s cognitive abilities. Categories can range from current events to geography to movies to pretty much anything. There’s always an audio round which is usually about music, but has in the past asked contestants to name a stand-up comedian based on a short clip from their routine, or to identify a movie based on a bit of dialogue. There’s usually a puzzle round as well. Contestants are allowed to form teams of no more than 4 people, and it costs each team $5 to play. Arnab’s quiz night is very popular. We always have a full house, but there is always room for more competitors.

On the Sunday nights we don’t have quiz night, there’s a halfway decent chance that we will have some live jazz.

Just as an aside, did you know that Imminent Brewing was just named Best Small Music Venue in Southern Minnesota by the readers of SouthernMinn Scene magazine? We thank all of those who voted for us, and humbly accept that award. And I will say that you people know what you’re talking about it.

Part of the reason we won that award, I think, is due to the jazz bands that we get to play here from time to time. The guys from TLA - Dave Hagedorn on the vibes, Kevin Clement on bass and Eric Hanson on drums – have been with us from almost since we opened, and we consider them to be one of our “house bands.” If you’ve seen them you know how good they are, and if you haven’t you should try to find a night to come see them. There are people playing in New York City on a nightly basis who aren’t as good as these guys. For that matter, Trombonist JC Sanford actually does play in New York on a regular basis, but as a Northfield native (and resident), he plays at Imminent once a month, generally on Sundays (but sometimes on Thursdays). And when JC comes he brings some pretty amazing people with him. Bassist Chris Bates and his drummer brother JT Bates are two of the most well respected jazz musicians in the Twin Cities, and they play with JC here all the time. We’ve made some friends in the Twin Cities jazz scene, and because of that, we’re able to bring you some world-class music. And that generally happens on Sunday.

The other thing Sunday is for, of course, is football. Now, by no means is Imminent Brewing a sports bar. We’ve already established that we’re not even a bar, and we only have two TV’s. However, we do enjoy watching the Vikings on Sunday. A couple of our bartenders, and many of our regulars are Packer fans, so as often as we are able, we’ll get Green Bay on TV as well. If you’re looking for a nice, laid back atmosphere to watch a game, we’ve got you covered there, too.

So, don’t be so quick to write Sundays off. Sundays are big days for us at Imminent. Come spend your day of rest here.