It's a Thanksgiving Graf (a what?)


Well they were all there

The daughters and sons

And brothers and sisters-in-law

In Northfield, the home

Of mothers and fathers

And grandmas and dear old grandpa


But they were so restless

Too much time at home

Would test that old “family magic”

Four days and four nights

With their loved ones alone

Could prove to be problematic


Their friends were home too

From all distant places

And there was a bit of a worry

That it wouldn’t work out

To see those dear faces

All bearded and happy and furry


Oh no, what to do?

They thought with a fear

So strong that their jawbone was tight

When magical words

Appeared in their ear

“Hey, Imminent’s open tonight!”


And so they all went

With in-laws in tow

For hours of frivolous fun

To the Imminent Taproom

Where good beer does flow

And great times await everyone


Okay, I’m no poet.

But, hey, we are open tonight, from 5 – 10 pm!

Seriously, we all know it’s kind of a thing. You’re in town for the big day tomorrow, or you have company stuffed into your home, and you just don’t really know what to do. Maybe the grand kids are a little restless. Or maybe you’re looking for a place to get together with your old high school friends, because you’d like them to meet your new fiancé/girlfriend/husband. Or maybe you just want to get out. We’re not normally open on Wednesday nights, but, well, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Northfield’s Living Room if we didn’t offer you a place to come and chill, now would we?

Tonight we have live music provided by Fred the Bear (for those of you who graduated from Northfield High School and then left, this is the band fronted by your favorite math teacher Ray Coudret). We also have Chromatic Catering in here to get you in the Thanksgiving mood and spirit with grilled turkey sandwiches and assorted fixings.

Maybe most importantly, tonight we introduce our Norske Double Berry Graf. This is a hybrid cider/beer created in collaboration with Keepsake Cidery’s Nate Watters.

“Nate and I worked really hard on this beer,” said Brewmaster Randy Clay.

“A Graf is a beer/cider hybrid; this one is one-third cider and two-thirds beer. Nate and I talked about what type of profile we wanted from it, and decided that we wanted to maintain some apple aroma, but we also wanted a rather tart profile. So, this being his area of expertise, Nate came up with a cider blend that would hold up the way we wanted it to. He created this cider specifically for this collaboration.

“And then, in order to work with the cider, which ferments very dry, we created a beer that would have a little more body to it and would have some malt sweetness. We used cherries and haskaps from Cherry Leaf Farms (here in Northfield). And then, just for fun, we threw in a traditional Norwegian farmhouse ale yeast. So, It has great balance, with a really nice fruit-forward aroma, but there’s enough of a body there to remind you that it’s still a beer.”

Okay. You have Norwegian farmhouse yeast, cherries, haskap berries, a cider developed by Keepsake, and our beer as a base. That’s why it’s called the Norske Double Berry Graf.

And, oh by the way, it’s delicious.

Coming on the heels of the Ode to a Thistle Strong Scotch Ale that we released last week, Randy wanted to offer something that would appeal to those who maybe aren’t quite ready for a 10.7% ale.

“This,” he said, “is one of those beers for non-beer drinkers.”

And we have it just in time for you to bring your grandma down for her first visit tonight!

So, just to recap: The whole family is in town tonight and you’re going to be together all day tomorrow and for most of the weekend. We have great food coming in. Ray Coudret and his band Fred the Bear will be playing great music. The Minnesota Wild game will be on our TV’s at 7 pm. And, we have a phenomenal new beer for you. This is a no-brainer. Gather everyone up. Call your friends. Call your parents’ friends. Have them meet you at Imminent tonight.

We open at 5 pm. See you then.