Our gifts to you

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‘Tis the season for giving, right?

That’s something in which we believe strongly, here at Imminent Brewing. When you have success, and when you have the kind of loyal support all of you have shown us, then you have to give back.

That’s why we’re introducing two new beers this weekend.


The first is the long awaited Wolf Creek IPA. Call it the successor to Guard Down. This is a bigger, hoppier, more aromatic IPA. Guard Down was our first foray into the world of India Pale Ales. Wolf Creek is a more learned and seasoned creation.

“Basically,” said Brewmaster Randy Clay, “we wanted to take Guard Down and kick it up a couple notches.”

Fans of Guard Down should not despair over the fact that it isn’t coming back. The Wolf Creek IPA is its rightful successor.

“We decided to go back and revisit the concept of an American IPA,” said Randy.

“Wolf Creek is a little less bitter than the Quick and the Red. The ABV is about 6.0%. It has Cascade and Centennial hops, Eukanot hops, and a German hop called Mandarina Bavaria. We like those Mandarina Bavaria hops. We used a little bit of those in the Extra Medium and some in the Double IPA we had last year.

“This is a nice solid American IPA,” said Randy. “It has some really big orange and grapefruit zest. There’s a little bit of melon in the aroma. It has a little bit of malt sweetness in the flavor, but there’s a nice firm bitterness at the end.”

Okay, so that’s Thursday. Wolf Creek IPA will be on tap when we open.

Then, on Saturday, we will introduce our very first barrel-aged beer, Miles the Giant Goat.

This is our American Strong Ale, aged for five months in whiskey barrels from a Minnesota distillery. For those that have never tried barrel aged beer, this is going to be a really special experience. Connoisseurs of barrel-aged beer will not be disappointed.

“The attraction to a barrel aged beer is the layers of aromas and flavors that are infused into the beer,” said Randy. “Between the spirit that had been in there and the wood of the barrel itself, you can get some really big flavors.

“The barrels came from Rock Filter Distillery in Spring Grove, Minnesota. They have the distinction of being both a certified farm distillery and a certified organic distillery. That means that Christian Myrah, the farmer and distiller, grows all of the grain on his organic farm that he uses to make all of the spirits in his distillery. There are only a handful of operations like his in the country.”

Last spring Randy and Justin went down to Spring Grove to speak with Christian about his spirits and decide which of his used barrels would be the best for our beer. They came back with barrels from three different whiskeys: Giants of the Earth Bourbon, Fence Jumper Bourbon and Red Rider Rye.

“The original plan was to put the strong ale in all three barrels,” said Randy, “and then blend it all back together and keg that. But after tasting all three, we decided to keg them separately, because these are three distinctly different beers.”

So now the plan is to release Miles the Giant first. When that’s gone, the beer that was in the Fence jumper barrels will be released. After that, we’ll have the Red Rider Rye barreled beer.

And, in case your wondering, those barrels have all been refilled with the Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Whatever wonderfulness comes from that will be ready in six to eight months. 

We’re pretty excited about this weekend. First we’re offering up an IPA that we are really excited about, and two days later we’ll have a barrel aged beer.

You folks have given us so much in the past eighteen months. You’ve been so good to us. Please accept these new beers as a token of our appreciation

See you this weekend.