Happy Thursday everybody!

Since we opened, one of the questions everybody asks is “What’s the deal with the mugs?”

It’s a good question.

The mugs are used by the members of our Mug Club. Put simply, they are 24 ounce containers which we will fill for you, for the price of a regular 16 ounce pint. So if you are a member of our mug club, and you order a Quick & the Red, for example, you’ll essentially receive a beer-and-a-half for $5. And then you’ll look like one of the cool kids, sitting there with your ceramic mug with the Imminent logo on it.

Membership in the mug club can be purchased at any time, right there at the bar. Our lifetime membership is $500. That includes a t-shirt, and our mug artist, Jordan Meyers of JM Pottery, will create a mug especially for you, which you can personalize by putting your name, initials, nickname, secret-code-word (really whatever you want) on the bottom of the mug. It will then take its place among all the other personalized mugs in our Rack of Honor.

The annual club also gets a t-shirt and use of one of our non-personalized mugs. This option is billed at $10 each month for the balance of the year. So, if you would like to join the mug club today, it would cost $100, and then you would be assessed for $120 in January 2019.

Speaking of Jordan Meyers, he is set up TODAY and TODAY ONLY, Thursday, February 15, in our taproom selling his work. Come on in and have a look at what he does. Jordan has a number of Imminent mugs for sale, as well as coasters, cups, bowls and all kinds of other cool stuff. These are mugs that do not have to live at Imminent. You can take these home!

Jordan has been working with pottery for more than a decade. If you’ve seen one of our mugs you know that he offers top quality work. This in-brewery appearance will give you a chance to really see his creativity as well.

(And, yes, Jordan is the brother of Derek Meyers, one of our owners.)

TODAY!! TODAY ONLY!!! 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

We’ll see you in a little bit.


Jordan set up.jpg