Quiz Night

Quiz Night.jpg

Hey everybody.

So, we’ve begun hosting Quiz Night every other Sunday, and it’s cool as hell.

No. Seriously.

This is not your average “bar trivia.” Why would it be? We’re in Northfield, after all. We’re home to two of the most highly regarded liberal arts colleges in the country, and I would guess that we’re on the upside of Smartest Towns in Minnesota. I think a three round competition with categories like “Movies from the 80’s,” “Cartoon Characters,” and “TV Themes,” would be a little bit beneath us.

This is actually a long-standing, if somewhat on-and-off quiz. Many of you will remember Jessica Peterson White conducting a quiz night in this exact format over the years at the Contented Cow, the (late, great) Rueb ‘N’ Stein and the Tavern Lounge. Somewhere in there, Arnab Chakladar picked up the mantle of quizmaster and has now brought it to Imminent Brewing. An Associate Professor of English as well as the Director of Asian Studies at Carleton College, Arnab is a very smart man.

Judging by the way he conducts the quiz, he clearly assumes that the participants of quiz night are too.

His categories have been things like current events, black history, the winter Olympics, literature of all kinds, and one he called “less famous members of groups.” There is also an audio round where he plays music, as there is in most pub trivia competitions. However, Arnab’s musical choices aren’t exactly the standard Top 40 fare.

To be sure, his questions are fair and not impossible. But I’ve seen more than one person throw down their pencils in frustration. This quiz requires strength of mind, strength of character, and a true desire to be challenged. So, don’t let me drive you away from this. This quiz is an absolute blast. If you get the right team together, you can really do well. Or you can simply laugh your butt off trying to come up with the answers.

It should also be noted that Imminent offers gift card prizes to the first and second place teams.

Participants are allowed to work in teams of as-many-as four people. The entry fee is $5 per team, payable to the quizmaster himself. It is also, of course, assumed that you’ll each purchase at least one beverage of some sort at the bar. We do, after all, offer an incredible array of beers brewed on-sight, as well as Loon Liquors’ Apple-Pear Spiced soda, cold pressed coffee from Groundwire Coffee Roasters and an assortment of Spring Grove soda as well (at last check we offered Black Cherry, Strawberry, Creamy Orange and Root Beer).

The Quiz starts at 6 p.m., and usually lasts just under two hours. You really should come check it out on Sunday.

Also, Quiz Night in Northfield has it's own Facebook page where Arnab will generally post the categories for the forthcoming quiz. Here's the URL: https://www.facebook.com/sundaytrivia/