Why Imminent is the perfect place to watch this big game tonight

Lombardi Trophy.jpg

A great friend of Imminent Brewing has a wonderful story about the Super Bowl last year. He was on vacation in Mexico with his wife and another couple. Our friend is a big fan of the NFL, but his travelling companions did not share his passion for football, so he had kind of written off the idea of watching the Super Bowl. The night of the game, the four of them went to dinner on the bustling main street of this out of the way island where they were staying. The weather was beautiful with the temperature in the mid-70’s, so all the bars and restaurants had their doors and windows open, and every one had a television tuned to the Super Bowl. Our friend ate during the first half, keeping half an eye on the score, and watching the Atlanta Falcons build a big half time lead. When dinner was over, the four continued to stroll down this main street, eventually stopping at a tequila bar where, of course, the game was on. 

They were the only Americans in the place that night, but there were plenty of locals in there as well. Our friend was trying to pay attention to the conversation his companions were having, but kept getting distracted because the Patriots were making a real comeback in this game. After one touchdown that really put the Falcons' lead in jeopardy, one of the local people in the bar caught his eye and said something to him in Spanish, which our friend does not speak. He quickly surmised that this fellow was impressed with the way the game was going, and pointed to the television, and made a face like “this is crazy.” The local laughed heartily, and before they knew it, a round of tequila shots had arrived at their table, courtesy of the local. Well, now the rest of the table was interested in the game. There was a particular catch by a New England player that really turned the game, and when the play happened our friend, who is kind of an excitable guy, stood up and cheered. His new Mexican friend came over to high five him, just appreciating the game for what it was, and this started a parade. Every local in the joint wanted to high five the Americans because this had turned into a great game.

Our friend doesn’t remember seeing the game end, because he was having too much fun drinking tequila and trying to understand the words everyone else in the bar was saying to him and his companions. He says it was the best night he had on an especially enjoyable vacation.

The story just shows that events like this can bring people together, whether they actually care about the game or not. And maybe that’s why you should come down to Imminent tonight to watch the game. Yes, we’re all disappointed that the Vikings are not playing tonight, and yes, I think it’s safe to say that with this thing happening in Downtown Minneapolis, many of us are suffering from Super Bowl fatigue. But this is still a spectacle that you’re probably going to watch, right? There’s still enough in the pop culture zeitgeist here that you’ll feel like you’ve missed something if you don’t pay attention, right?

And maybe you don’t like football, or you think it’s boring. Well, then come watch it in Northfield’s Living Room, where you’re going to know a whole lot of people. Watch it with other people who don’t care about football, and marvel (or laugh) at the people who do. They might look silly when they get excited about a big play, and you can mock them. Or you might get swept up in the excitement of the whole thing. If the game is a blowout, then you’ll have other people to talk to and hang out with on a Sunday night when you’d otherwise be sitting around waiting to go to bed and then get up for Monday morning.

Now, if you love the game, there will be others there who do as well. Our bartenders tonight really like football, and at least one of them has requested to be behind the bar for just that reason. We are, by no means any kind of a hardcore “sports bar,” which exactly why we’re perfect for the fans who just want to see the game, and don’t really care who wins.

Oh, and by the way, you’ll be drinking some of the best beer you’ve ever had for the Super Bowl.

Nights like this are what Imminent Brewing was built for: big events, big parties, great beer and a love of community. This is where you’ll want to be tonight.

The game kicks off at 5:40 and probably will be over shortly before we close at 9, so we’ll see you down here in a little bit.