know your bartender: Jared Allerson

2018-03-13 18.25.04.jpg

He’s “the cute one;” a personable bar man with a tight beard and boyish good looks.

But our pal Jared Thomas Allerson is much more than just a pretty face. And he’ll be the first to tell you that he does more than tend the bar Imminent Brewing.

“I’m also a brewer. I assist Randy in whatever he needs. That means moving the beer around based on the vessel that we’re using at the time, clearing the mash tun, and checking gravity readings. Things like that.”

A 2017 graduate of St. Olaf College, Jared is a native of Sacramento, California, where his dad was a pastor.

“I’d sit under the pulpit when he was preaching,” he said. “I’d tug on his robes and stuff.”

Family connections brought him to Northfield for college, and recently with his father retiring (Mr. Allerson is a Northfield native as well as a St. Olaf alum), his family has followed him to Northfield.

Does he miss California?

“Well, I have friends that I miss. But Minnesota has four seasons, which California doesn’t. Mostly, I just miss the food in California. I like Pho. There isn’t enough of that here.”

Now that he’s done with college, Jared has decided to embark on a career as a brewer of everybody’s favorite malt-and-hops concoction.

“The plan is beer,” he said.

That begins with furthering his education at Dakota County Technical College this fall and getting certified as a Cicerone.

“From there, I’d like to work here for another year or so, and then maybe shoot for the UK and specialize in English porters.”

So how does a preacher’s kid from Sacramento get immersed in the world of Craft Beer in the first place?

“My ex-girlfriend’s parents were home brewers" he said. "They got me into it, and I just took to it. In fact, I kegged a British "Ordinary" Bitter just last night. It’s just a very light, session beer. You can’t really find an Ordinary Bitter around here anywhere, so I brewed one."

He loves working at Imminent, he says, because of the people he works for and with, and he really enjoys the people he serves, too. To Jared, it’s all about one thing: having a great experience.

“I’m a firm believer in doing what makes you happy,” he said. And he’s happy being a part of the craft beer community.

“My feeling is the craft beer community isn’t just about the beer. It’s also about the people. Brewing is a very personable experience, because you get to make something and then share it with other people.”

“I want to brew beer, but I also want to make memories.”