private parties!!


Since the moment we opened last June, one of the most frequent comments we get about our taproom is how people like “the vibe” at Imminent Brewing. Now, I myself have been using that phrase for more than 30 years, but I couldn’t give you an exact definition of what that means. I guess it’s just one of those things you know when you see – or feel – it. When someone says “the place has a great vibe,” you know that it’s somewhere you’re going to feel welcome and happy, and most likely you’re going to have a very good time while you’re there.

Quite honestly, that is the fundamental goal we have for everybody who visits Imminent Brewing. And it’s safe to say that, by-and-large, we do a pretty good job hitting that goal.

So it’s no wonder that, shortly after we opened, we started to receive inquiries about hosting private events at the brewery. If you aren’t already aware, then we’re pleased to inform you that our taproom is indeed available on nights when we aren’t open to the public.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we are offering the taproom for rent for private parties, community events or organizational celebrations (feel free to mix-and-match those nouns by the way; private celebrations, organizational events, etc.).

“This is something we’ve done a couple times since we opened,” said Laura Meyers, one of our four owners and the front-of-house manager. “We’ve had so many requests from people who wanted to have a party here for all kinds of reasons,” she said, “it just makes sense that we should be offering this as option to the community on a more formal basis.”

There are some rules:

·  We need to know at least 1 month in advance

·  We can accommodate approximately 100 guests inside, or approximately 150 guests with use of outdoor patio in fair weather.

· Organizers will be asked to provide an estimated number of guests for staffing puposes

· Outside food is welcome. We will ask to coordinate with you, or your caterer, to ensure proper accommodations (if necessary).

· Music or entertainment is welcome. Use of our sound system is included in the rental fee. We can book a band for you if you want live music but don’t know how to go about making that happen. Payment to the band is the responsibility of the event organizers.

· We reserve the right to schedule events at our own discretion.

The big question that everyone asks, of course, is about cost. No two events are exactly the same, so the prices can very from event to event depending on size, length and type of event.

It kind of goes without saying that we’ll staff the bar. You do not need to – nor should you expect to – provide someone to pour the beer from our taps. You are more than welcome to request specific staff members for your event. While we will do our best to fill your request, we cannot guarantee who will be available.

Like I said, we’ve done a couple of these event already, and they’ve really been fun. This is something we’re pretty excited about.

“The goal,” said Laura, “is to continue providing a warm, friendly place for community, connection and conversation but in a little different way. Sometimes just for someone who has special cause for celebration with family and friends, or sometimes to be open for the community for some extra opportunity to learn about something new.”

So, if you want to have a celebration for any reason (or no reason at all), or you need a venue for an event, or you just really, really want to hang out in our taproom on a Monday night, we’re here for you.

For scheduling and all those other details, please contact us at