The Winter Blues tastes like blueberries

Blueberry Wheat.jpg

We’ve done our best to embrace winter this year. We’ve thrown parties built around mythical winter creatures, we’ve invited snow shoers and cross country skiers to the brewery for a some post-adventuring beer and fellowship. We even named a beer in honor of that crazy guy in town who insists on riding his bicycle for days at a time through some of the toughest frozen terrain the North Woods has to offer.

We’ve played along, and really tried our best to make the most of what can be a tough time of the year. But, now it’s March and winter is still here, dumping half-a-foot of snow on us at least once a week. Six months from now we will be dealing with the “Dog Days of Summer,” so it would make sense that right now we would have the Winter Blues.

Funny thing is, the Winter Blues tastes great!

If you came in to the brewery last week, you know what I’m talking about. Last Thursday we tapped our first keg of Winter Blues Blueberry Wheat beer, and, of course, it’s a huge hit.

It’s just exactly what we need right now. We’ve had a lot of porters and stouts on tap lately, all of which have been very popular and very tasty, but we need a change of pace. Something a little lighter, something different, something fresh.  Our Question Mark Hill wheat beer, infused with about 200 pounds of blueberries, is just what the doctor ordered.

Yep, that’s right. Two. Hundred. Pounds.

“The thing about blueberries,” Brewmaster Randy Clay said, “is that, on their own, they have kind of a subtle taste. If you really want to get that real blueberry flavor, then you have to use a lot of blueberries. Which we did.”

The berries used were hand picked and organically grown at Little Hill Berry Farm, right here in Northfield, because keeping things as local as possible is important to us.  And they turned out to be perfect for this beer.  You really should get in here and try it. We poured an awful lot of it last weekend, but there is plenty more to be had.

Among the other reasons to come to the brewery this weekend are Potter’s Pasties (Thursday), the return of Crack of Dawn Bakery on Friday, Maria’s Taco Hut (Saturday), and the Twin Grill Food Truck on Sunday. Fred the Bear will play on Saturday, and the JC Sanford Trio will be in on Sunday. And on top of all that, it’s the second Sunday of the month this weekend, so we’ll be offering Yoga on Tap with Michelle Moad at 10:45 Sunday morning. $10 gets you an hour-long yoga session right in the brewery, and then a pour of your favorite Imminent beverage. Remember, you can’t retox until you detox!

Okay. Enough of the blogger trying to be funny. We’ll see you this weekend.