the dogs


We get emails and phone calls very frequently asking if dogs are allowed at the brewery. The answer is an unequivocal yes. We’re a dog friendly place.

Our owners love dogs. Our staff loves dogs. We have dog bowls ready for visitors. We even usually have a jar of dog treats sitting right on the bar.

Imminent Brewing is a family oriented gathering space, and anyone who has ever had a companion canine will tell you that the dog is very much a part of the family – and usually the most popular one at that. We want this to be a place for the whole family to be together, so dogs are very welcome.

I’ve had some people question why we can pull this off. A lot of people aren’t really used to seeing dogs lying on the floor in a place like ours, after all. But, remember, we aren’t a restaurant. We’re not even a bar. We’re a brewery with a taproom, so we’re governed by a different set of rules.

And speaking of rules, we do ask some things of the dogs who come to visit. First, they really do need to be on some kind of a leash or tether. We don’t want them to run behind the bar for the safety of our bartenders as well as the doggos themselves. And a few barks are fine, but if you have a really aggressive dog who doesn’t play well with others, you might want to leave them at home. We get plenty of people who bring their dogs in to help them socialize, particularly puppies, and that’s just fine. In fact we encourage that. But some dogs don’t always have the right temperament to be in a big noisy room with strange people and other dogs. If you bring your dog in and after 15 or 20 minutes it’s apparent that your pooch isn’t going to relax, it’s probably best that you take them out. Also, we know that accidents will happen. While we will help to clean up any unfortunate messes, we do ask that your be attentive to your dog and try to keep these things to a rare occurrence. Really, we just ask that you be a responsible dog owner, which 99.9% of you are. You know your dog better than anybody. If you think they would enjoy some time at Imminent, please bring them along with you.

We even have a “Dog of the Month” section on this very website to highlight our canine “regulars” (this month featuring Doc and Finn Jordan), or sometimes to help our friends over at Prairie Creek Humane Society get the word out about some of the dogs they have looking for a new home. If you’re a dog lover, you should take a look at that section on a regular basis.

And, by the way, those treats on the bar are made by Trudi Lloyd of Treats By T. She calls them Bogie Bights (named after her Beagle, Bogie, who is another frequent visitor to the brewery), and uses the spent grain from our brewing process when she makes them.

So bring your dogs down to the brewery. We promise to welcome them with open arms.