The Extra Medium Effect

Extra Medium.jpg

Most of you know that I used to run SouthernMinn Scene magazine, and maybe some of you will remember this. A couple years ago, when Adele put her album 25 out, my music columnist published a column entitled “The Adele Effect,” essentially making the case that this new album had made the world a better place. People were happier and nicer to each other. The colors were deeper and more vibrant. Food tasted better. The air seemed cleaner.

Two weeks ago, we tapped our first keg of Extra Medium beer. This is a collaboration between Imminent and Subzero brewing, especially Josh Wilhelm who really developed this particular beer. Ever since we put Extra Medium on our rack, it just seems like things have gotten better.

The sun came out. The snow melted. And suddenly there are leaves on the trees and flowers are blooming.

People are smiling at the brewery more. There’s more laughter. There also seems to be more people hugging each other. The dogs are wagging their tails more. Even that big grumpy guy behind the bar has been in a better mood lately.

I’m sure that the food is tasting better, because we’ve had more than one food truck flat out run out of food while parked on our patio.

The Twins have started winning again.

The stock market is up.

Heck, after almost 70 years, the Korean War finally officially ended.

You guys ever see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Bill & Ted were a pair of 80’s slackers who formed a band called Wyld Stallyns, and their music eventually became the foundation for 1000 years of peace and prosperity in this world.

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin. Why couldn’t one beer change the world?

If you haven’t indulged in the Extra Medium, you’re going to want to get over to Imminent as soon as possible. All of our beer is really good, but this is a really, really good beer. Our descriptive menu says this about it:  “An unfiltered wheat beer with local honey, and drawing a distinct orange character from 4 hop varieties with mandarin/tangerine/clementine flavor. This beer is both dry hopped and “dry peeled” with bitter orange for maximum face-punching aroma and flavor. Not too light and not too heavy, this beer is the ultimate in medium.”

It’s really the perfect beer for Minnesotans. We don’t like anything to be too extreme, but at the same time we demand things be done properly and with care. That’s maybe the most spot-on description of this golden beverage.

And that reminds me, come in during the afternoon while the sun is out, get a pint of Extra Medium and then take it out onto the patio and hold the glass up to the sun. This beer gives off a glow unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Could this be a sign that the Extra Medium is a gift from the Heavens? Anything is possible, I guess. They have beer in heaven, don’t they? I mean, after all this time, don’t you think the powers that be have gotten a little tired of wine? Martin Luther was a home brewer, wasn’t he? I’ll leave the theological debate to people smarter than me. Regardless, this beer looks really cool in the sunlight.

Look, I’m not saying that Extra Medium will make your life perfect. I’m not even promising that it will make your life better. But, if there’s a chance that it might, isn’t that worth coming to our place for a pint?