Happy Anniversay.png

My goodness. Has it really been a year already?

On June 16, 2017, Imminent Brewing opened the doors to the general public. I’d like to write here that Northfield/Minnesota/beer was never the same again, but that would be hyperbole.

We all know that hyperbole is not my style.

But I do think it’s safe to say that for those of us who have been closely involved with Imminent, things changed that day and have not been the same since. The overwhelming acceptance we’ve had since Day 1 has been incredible. And for that, we owe you, the patrons and supporters of Imminent Brewing, a deep debt of thanks.

I think we all knew that things were going to go well in those first few weeks. As a staff member I can remember thinking that if I hadn’t been working, I would have been sitting on the patio with a beer in my hand. In fact, this remains my only complaint about working at Imminent; so often when I’m standing behind the bar, I want to be sitting on the patio hanging out with friends.

As a bartender, I get to talk to so many of you about what you like about our taproom. The word that keeps coming up over and over again is “vibe.” People tell me how much they love the vibe at Imminent. That’s a wonderfully vague term, but it probably means a combination of things. People like the big open space of our taproom. They like the high ceilings and all the glass in front, particularly when the garage doors are open. They like the natural light. They like the wood around the windows. They love the South Dakota Beetle Kill Pine bar. They like the people they see there; that they can show up and be reasonably sure one of their friends will be there. They like that they can bring their dogs, who will be welcomed by a loving staff (Sometimes the dogs are greeted before the owners are. Sorry. We’re still working on that).

I don’t want to get all braggadocios, but I hear that people like the staff quite a bit, which is really awesome. We love it here, too. In fact, we’ve all sort of been marveling lately at how well the staff gets along. We all really like each other, which makes working here easy. We hope that translates to the service you receive.

Obviously, most of the credit has to go to the ownership/management. Laura and Derek and Randy and Tonja have worked incredibly hard to make this place as inviting as possible while at the same time adding some of their own personalities to the atmosphere. From the fantastic designs and the really cool swag to the soccer games on TV, and from the music we book to the food trucks that come park out front, there’s a little bit of each of our owners in this thing.

And of course, that includes the beer.

Over the last year, we have offered 25 different kinds of beer. The unofficial list goes like this:

Gateway Cream Ale

Monticello Mild

Factory Settings

Well Grounded Coffee Porter

Lil’ R&R

Percy's Black Ale

Snow Crush Porter

Betty Lou's Brown Ale

Cannon Valley Pale Ale

? Hill Wheat

Prairie Creek Porter

Reported Sightings Baltic Porter

Dreizehn Oktoberfest

Honey Basil Ale

Cherry Leaf Saison

Autumn Leaf Saison

Elder Wit

MN Hop Mess

Double Down IIPA

Quick and the Red IPA

Guard Down IPA

Winter Blues Blueberry Wheat

Extra Medium White Ale

Tim's Gravel Grinder

1955 Oatmeal Stout

Brave Udder Nitro Stout

Most of the beers have been very well received. A couple beers were maybe not what we had hoped for. And a few have been out-of-the-park home runs. Months after we ran out, we still get people asking for the Honey Basil Ale. At least once a shift somebody will ask me for the “Blueberry one.” I get a lot of grief because we ran out of the Extra Medium two days after I published a blog post about how wonderful it is.

By the way, it should be noted that the first Imminent beer to reach that mythical status, Lil R&R, is back on tap as of this afternoon.

It’s one of the ways we’re saying ‘thank you’ this weekend. We have a great weekend planned. We have music from three of our four “house bands:” TLA on Thursday, Matt Arthur and The Bratlanders on Friday and Fred the Bear on Saturday, with a special Quiz Night on Sunday, featuring a round devoted to Imminent Brewing trivia. Some of our first food partners, Maria’s Taco Hut and Crack of Dawn Bakery will be here. And we can’t celebrate our anniversary without a little soccer on the big screen. Unfortunately Minnesota United is off this weekend, so we’ll just have to settle for the World Cup on Sunday.

We’re also going to have door prizes and giveaways on Saturday. It’s all part of our futile attempt to show you how grateful we are for all of you. We just can’t thank each and every one of you enough for making this year better than we could have ever hoped it would be. We are so honored that you have made us Northfield’s Living Room. We look forward to you coming in to relax with us for years and years to come.

Thanks you guys.