wait... WHAT????

No dogs allowed.png

Yeah, I know. This is bad news.

One of the things Imminent Brewing is known for is being a dog friendly establishment. We’ve celebrated it. We’ve blogged about it. There’s even a jar of dog treats on our bar. It’s part of who we are. We love dogs. We recognize for most people who have dogs, they are a part of the family. This is a family friendly establishment, so dogs have always been allowed inside the taproom.

Um… yeah. About that.

This past week we had our annual inspection from the Department of Agriculture.

Before I go any farther we need to be clear about something: this is not about making the Ag Department, or, for that matter, our inspector, the bad guy. The Department of Agriculture does a lot of really great things for the state of Minnesota, and our inspector is a fantastic guy who has been very helpful to us in a lot of ways.

So, anyway, we had our annual inspection from the Ag Department this week, and it turns out that our license, as it stands right now, does not allow for dogs to be inside the taproom. Therefore, for the time being and until further notice, dogs are not allowed inside. They have to stay on the patio.

This is not necessarily a permanent situation. We can, and will, apply for a variance on our license to allow dogs inside. As it turns out, this is a relatively common thing. As the brewery/taproom thing has grown, more and more taprooms have wanted to be dog friendly, and the Ag Department has been willing to work with them. Many establishments have already applied for the variance we’re seeking, and it sounds like it should only be a matter of filling out some paperwork and all will be well.

For now, though, we want to apologize to all of you who like to come to Imminent with your dog. It’s an inconvenience. It’s a bummer. But there is a law on the books for a reason, and we need to dot all of our i’s and cross all of our t’s to make this work.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how long this is going to take. We’ll send in the paperwork this coming week. When it gets to the Ag Department it will be on the bottom of a pile. Once we get to the top of the pile, we’ll be considered and hopefully everything will go right back to the way it was.

Thanks for your patience, everybody. We promise, once we get the approval, you’ll be the first to know.