know your bartender: abe henson


Name: Abraham Luke Henson

Birthday: April 3, 1990

Height: 6-foot-something

Weight: 198 lbs. (180 clean shaven)

Guilty pleasures: Showing people my poison ivy blisters, watching German Soccer while I’m bartending, mumbling


1.) To maintain my current lifestyle for as long as possible  

2.) To one day make a Bloody Mary almost as good as Rich Larson (who is my inspiration and role model as a bartender)

3.) To have an Imminent beer named after my beard.

My car: I have a BMW. It’s a little bit rusty, and there is kind of a mold colony growing in the back seat. But it’s a BMW.

Best Concert: ZZ Top

Favorite Book: Rumpelstiltskin

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite TV show: Grizzly Adams

Sports played: Soccer. There is no other sport.

Pets: I have an older brother named Sam

Foods I crave: Bogie Bites.

People I admire: Rich Larson, Mahatma Gandhi, German National Soccer Coach Joachim Löw

People I’m often mistaken for: St. Patrick, Karl Marx, Erik the Red

Jobs before bartending: I’m an educational assistant with the Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative. I’ve heard they think that my “interactions with the students are world class.” Of course, that’s an anonymous quote. Nobody would go on record. (editor’s note: That is a real quote from someone who works at the CVSEC)

Places I’ve traveled to: I went to watch the World Cup in Spain and Belgium a few years ago. On TV, I mean; the World Cup was in South Africa that year. I spent some time travelling Central and South America last year. I also like to visit Arizona, Wisconsin and Kenyon.

Favorite Beer: Whichever one I’m drinking

Sexiest city in the world: Whichever one I’m in

In the morning: I’m definitely sleeping.

Personal Motto: You’re way more awesome when you’re jolly.