Northfield's most underrated band, Lone Rock is back on Saturday

Lone Rock.jpg

There is so much going on at Imminent Brewing right now, that it’s tough to choose a topic for this blog post.

We have a new beer: Palisade Peach Ale, made with so many Colorado peaches one wonders if there are any peaches left in Colorado. But this beer tastes different than you’ve come to expect from the IPAs or other ales that have sort of a peach finish. The full rich taste of peach is in this beer without being overly sweet. I will tell you that I do not care for peaches, but I think this is a very good beer.

We have some really cool new merch, too. Most notably, we are now offering a 64 oz, stainless steel growler. Have you seen this thing? It’s awesome! Made by Miir, these things are well insulated with a handle built into the cap. More importantly, they look awesome. At $80, they are something you might have to budget for, but they do come filled with the Imminent beer of your choice as well. We also have new hats available, in three colors: blue, light blue and sort of a peachy orange, perhaps to match the new beer. If you’re interested in seeing the new hats modeled, come in on Friday or Saturday night this week, where I’ll be showing off my awesome new dark blue one.

We even have new people! Everybody please welcome Spencer Whiteley, Pete Smith and Alex David to the Imminent crew. We’ll spend more time with each of them in coming blog posts, but we wanted all of you to know that these three were chosen from a very deep pool of candidates. Becoming a bartender is no easy task, and all the finalists should feel good about themselves. Spencer, Pete and Alex just seemed to be the best fit for our little community. They are all looking forward to getting to know you guys. We think you’re really going to like them.

So with all of that going on, I’m choosing to go with a surprising little twist. I want to talk about a band that has played at Imminent three or four different times – and will again on Saturday night - and has played around Northfield for a while, but somehow has flown under the radar. That band is Lone Rock

Now, let’s be honest. If you’re looking for flash and pizazz, well this probably isn’t your band. But if you want to hear great country music, great blues and asmattering of soul stirring R&B, Lone Rock is your group. Barb Piper and Ed Treinen who front the band are two of the most underrated, and in my opinion, taken-for-granted musicians in the very fertile Northfield music scene. They’ve played together for years, and even before they teamed up, they both could be found playing on any given weekend night in any of the local music venues. Barb is the sweet singing, multi-instrumentalist with what has to be one of the best voices around here. Ed, meanwhile, is Northfield’s friendly neighborhood harmonica player, with a pretty sweet voice of his own. When the two of them sing together, it becomes obvious that these two were meant to sing together. Take a listen to them when they sing Delbert McClinton’s “When Rita Leaves.” It’s the rare cover that transcends the original.

Joining Ed and Barb, is the unassuming, but face-smackingly talented Dan Dotzler on lead guitar and occasional vocals. DO NOT let him out of the building without singing Charlie Daniel’s Long Haired Country Boy. Dan’s tightly cropped locks notwithstanding, his performance of that song is consistently one of the great reasons to be a local music fan in Rice County.

Lone Rock is a family affair. Barb and Ed are a couple, and Dan and Barb are brother and sister. The rhythm section, Dave “Trip” Damme on bass and Dave Card on drums, are brothers-in-law. The two have played together for years in different bands (including the now somewhat legendary Prairie Dog Fight Club) and know exactly how to a song together and moving.

This is a band with huge talent at all turns, and one that has never really received its due respect in the music-loving town. I cannot recommend them enough. Come down to Imminent on Saturday night to hear just exactly what I’m talking about.