Closed Thursday


Do you love spring? I love spring. It’s my favorite season. I love to see the renewal of life all around, from the return of green grass to the buds and blossoms on the trees. I love to see tulips in people’s gardens. I just love that we can finally be outside again. It’s exciting. It’s warm. It puts me in such a good mood that I am able to convince myself every year that the Twins, who begin their season as spring begins, are going to be “pretty good” this season.

And then… well, as one of the most famous Minnesotans once wrote, “Sometimes it snows in April.”

We’re getting clobbered right now. How many of us woke up this morning and went to look out our windows to see how much it snowed overnight, only to be greeted by windows so covered in snow that it felt like the house had been buried?

It’s nasty out there.  

So today, April 11, 2019, Imminent Brewing will not open due to the crappy weather.

I know. It sucks. This is upsetting news. I’m sure a few of you had plans to come to the brewery tonight. But I’m also pretty sure more of you had plans to come, but had already decided not to. That’s a wise decision. Stay home. Stay warm. Stay safe.

The sleet and that “wintry mix” crap is supposed to kick back up again right around 5 pm, and will be with us until after we would close. It will be enough to keep most people home.

So, the powers that be looked at the situation, noting that we have no music scheduled for tonight, nor do we have a caterer or a food truck, and just decided that it probably is a good idea to just not open the doors.

Stuff like this happens. It’s Minnesota. Yes, we are a hearty breed, and no we do not let something like a little snow slow us down, but this is a weird storm, dropping as much ice as snow. We’re tough, but we’re also not dumb. It just makes more sense to stay off the roads.

And I’ll say this, speaking as someone who would have been working a closing shift at the brewery tonight, I’m grateful to not have to wander out into this crap after seven-and-a-half hours on my feet, only to then scrape half an inch of ice off my car (while it’s still coming down, mind you) and then drive home on roads covered in the same half inch of ice.

I love spring, but these late winter/early spring blizzards can be brutal. So let’s ride the rest of this out tonight, and try again tomorrow at 4 pm. The plan is for Noris Cuisine to be here and Jon Manners is coming to play. It’s going to be a fun night. We’ll see you all then.

But until then, stay safe, and thanks for understanding.