Friday is a big day (within a big weekend) at Imminent Brewing

Happy Spring! The new season at Imminent comes complete this weekend with April showers (possibly). And the Final Four. And (more importantly) Twins baseball. And new benches on the patio. And two new bartenders (more on them in future posts). And lagers – yes lagers – on tap. Plus, all the warmth and adoring service you’ve come to expect from us, your warm and adoring Imminent bar staff.

And did you see the food lineup this weekend? Today, Thursday (April 4), we have Russell’s Travelling kitchen, tomorrow night is the monthly Café Shawn pizza night, Saturday, everybody’s favorite Gyro truck, Medbox, will be here, Café’ Shawn will be back Sunday doing brunch from Noon-2 p.m., and Uncle B’s Last Chance BBQ Shack will wrap up the weekend, showing off his new-and-improved trailer, befitting the best BBQ in all of Southern Minnesota.

The Frothy Band is back on Saturday night, presenting Irish music. Which is a little like saying, there will be some college basketball players playing a couple games in Minneapolis this weekend. The Frothy band includes such luminary musicians as Paul Wehling, Mary Vanorny, Laura MacKenzie, and local wizard Matt Wehling. I defy you to find a better collection of musicians with a stronger knowledge of Irish music anywhere in the Upper Midwest. These are so good at what they do. What an honor it is that they have selected Imminent Brewing as their chosen venue to perform.

But I want to highlight what’s going on this Friday, tomorrow night, April 5, 2019. Mary Cutrufello is coming to play tomorrow night, and Curtis Ingvoldstad is coming to make art. Both of these people are so incredibly good, and so captivating when they are doing their thing, that it’s important you guys know just exactly what’s in store.


Curtis Ingvoldstad is a chainsaw wood carver. If that sounds kitschy to you, then you’ve very clearly never seen his work. He is recognized as a world class artist, capable of creating anything from the standard bear-or-eagle-carved-from-a-dead-tree fare, to ship mast dragons, to portraits, to a spot on recreation of Dr. Seuss’ Lorax. What sets Curtis apart from just about every other wood carver in the world is his attention to detail, especially in the eyes of his creations. Using a tool that nobody would ever call subtle or would ever think to use to make a fine point , Curtis is able to forge emotive, even moving, creations that will surprise even the most hardened skeptic. And watching him work is a thing of beauty in and of itself. He conceives, designs and constructs his work seemingly all at once. There’s flair to what he does as well, almost like he’s dancing with the wood and the saw. Curtis is going to do a carving demo at 5 p.m., and will be around for a while afterwards to talk about his work. Do not miss this opportunity to see one of the best in the world at what they do.

(Please note that Curtis works inside of a mesh tent, so the flurry of sawdust that he naturally creates will not get into your beer, but you’ll be able to see everything he does. However, chainsaws tend to be quite loud, so maybe bring some ear protection for the kiddos.)

And speaking of the best in the world at what they do, Mary Cutrufello, is coming to play music tomorrow night.


And when I say she’s the best in the world at what she does, I mean it. Both because of how good she is, and also because there is no one else in the world like Mary Cutrufello.

I mean, certainly, there are plenty of other people who play covers and original music in a bar. Plenty of other people who play rootsy/Americana/country music right here in Rice County. And there are plenty of other people who do it really well.

But there is just no one else like Mary C. She plays a great guitar. She sings with power and passion, but never for a moment sacrifices quality or nuance. Her originals are as good, if not better, than anything you hear on the radio these days. She plays with style and conviction. Her personality fills every room she’s in. I’ve never seen another performer who is so warm to an audience, and at the same time will challenge their sensibilities so completely. You will not be able to take your eyes off of her.

If you think I’m overselling her, check this out. Or this. Or this.

She’s played around Northfield for a number of years, so many of you know what I’m talking about. But this is her debut at Imminent Brewing, and I will tell you that, for me, this is one the most anticipated performers we’ve ever had. Mary C and Imminent were made for each other.

All this is happening tomorrow at Imminent. All of that in one day.

You need to be here. You want to be here.

Don’t miss this.