May the Fourth Be With You and the Northfield Gymnastics Club

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Being a locally minded business – and one that sells beer – Imminent Brewing is in a unique position to host fundraisers for the various non-profit groups that are seemingly everywhere in Northfield. We do quite a few of them, actually. We’re always happy to host an event, but we’ll generally ask the organization to promote the events themselves. I’m making an exception for the one coming up on Saturday, however, because there is some cool stuff they have planned and I want to make sure all you guys know about it.

The Northfield Gymnastics Club is holding a daylong fundraiser at our place this Saturday, May 4.

Keep that date in mind because it’s going to be more important as you read this.

The Northfield Gymnastics Club is has been around since 1972, and currently has a membership of over 500 participants. They offer classes for girls and boys from pre-school and kindergarten age to high school and eve some adult classes. According to the event organizer, Caitlyn Hakes, classes focus on “age-appropriate social, cognitive, and motor development experiences.” With that said, they’ve also just added something called a Ninja Team. I have no idea how being a ninja works with social and cognitive development, but it sounds really cool. The club has also recently begun competing in the USA Gymnastics program.

While participating with the NGC is appropriately affordable, they have a philosophy that anyone who wants to do gymnastics should be able to, and they have a scholarship program designed to help those who might not be able to afford the dues and class fees and whatever else might cost money to be a part of things. That is where the event on Saturday comes in. Employees of the NGC and members will be on hand all day long to talk about who they are and what they do, and to facilitate the events they have planned as well.

“We'll have information available about our classes, summer camps, and birthday parties,” said Hakes. “I'll be there all day and am happy to answer questions anyone may have about our classes, rentals, teams, etc. We are also giving out NGC buttons while supplies last, and raffling a $100 NGC gift card. All of our staff, team gymnasts, and team parents will have ‘Ask me why I love NGC’ buttons on and would love for people to go right ahead and ask them.”

The first event is a giant cornhole (are we still calling it that?) tournament. There are twenty teams already registered for this thing, which will be held out on our patio. Unfortunately, all the spots are taken, so if you haven’t signed up already you’re kind of out of luck, but it’s always fun to watch these things and cheer on your friends. Especially with a Red IPA or a Vienna Lager in your hand.

A silent auction will run from 12:30-4:30 full of wonderful items donated by really cool people and businesses.

But the main event (at least in my opinion) will be the Star Wars costume contest. Remember that Saturday is May 4th, which is the unofficial International Star Wars Day (as in May the Fourth be with you.) So, come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character. Dress as Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Darth Maul, Ben Kenobi, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Emporer Palpatine, Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Jyn Erso, Jaba the Hut or Jar Jar Binks. Whoever you can think of. Get creative. Get four of you together and dress as the band from the cantina. Make a light saber. Fly in on a Tie Fighter. If you’re good, you might win a prize. The kids costume contest will be judged at 5 pm, while the adults will be at 7.

Or just come over and hang out. Imminent is donating a portion of the days proceeds to the cause, so just by coming around and having a beer, you’ll be supporting the NGC.

Right now, the weather report for Saturday looks pretty great with lots of sunshine and temps in the low 70’s. If that’s the case, we’ll have the big doors open. Medbox will be the food truck on Saturday, and, oh by the way, we’ll have the Kentucky Derby on around 5, and the Minnesota United game on at 7. It’s going to be a great day, and you’ll be supporting a great cause.

Plus you get to dust off that old storm trooper costume you’ve had in your closet for years and years.

Why would you miss this?