They're back!!!!!!

It was a good summer. No, it was a great summer. We had a ton of fun. There was great music. Great beer. Our food truck and catering partners brought us some outstanding cuisine. The patio was buzzing. The doors were open.

It was a wonderful summer.

But something was missing…

You see, at the end of June, we had to change our rules about dogs in the taproom, due to some regulations that the Department of Agriculture brought to our attention. As we’ve said before, we’ll pretty much do whatever the State of Minnesota tells us to do, so when our inspector told us we had to apply for a variance to allow dogs in the taproom, we did just that. Unfortunately, it meant that our canine friends were going to have to stay on the patio and not come inside.

I’m not going to lie; it was kind of a blow. One of my favorite things about working at Imminent has always been the dog friendly policy. It was no fun at all to exclude the dogs from what was going on inside. And I know that some of you who have dogs probably curtailed your trips to Imminent for that reason.

Well, we’re happy to announce that, as of today, Thursday, September 20, the dogs are back!!! Our variance came through, and we can now allow the Human’s Best Friend back into the taproom with open arms.

To celebrate their return, we’re hosting a “Yappy Hour” benefit on Friday for the Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.  Beginning at 4 pm, Prairie’s Edge is bringing in a bunch of their doggo friends who are up for adoption. From 5-6, we’re going to host a Canine Costume Contest. Get your pooch all gussied up in their favorite outfit and bring them to their favorite brewery. Yes, there will be prizes, and yes if you humans want to get into costume alongside your faithful companion, that’s just fine too.

Now, while we’re beyond thrilled to allow our four-legged friends back into the taproom, the variance does bring some more stringent rules along with it. We’ll have the new regulations posted around the brewery, but here’s what dog owners need to know:

·      Dog owners must remain in control of the dogs at all times

·      The dogs must be on a leash no longer than six feet

·      No dogs behind the bar

·      Dogs must be kept out of throughways (i.e. They can’t be lying around in areas where people are trying to walk. They can certainly lie under your table or at your side, just please keep them out of the way - for the safety of everybody, including the dogs.)

·      Obviously the dogs must be house trained

·      They all must be collared and have current tags

·      They must be friendly to other people and other dogs

·      No barking. We know how excited they’ll be to be back, but please let that show with exuberant tail wagging

·      They must stay on the floor. They can’t be on tables or (unfortunately) bellied up to the bar

·      They may only eat and drink from dog bowls on the floor. Please don’t put dog bowls on the tables, or feed your dog on the tables.

·      Employees must wash their hands after petting the dogs (I’ll be washing my hands quite a bit)

Because this is now regulated by the State of Minnesota and the Department of Agriculture, we will reserve the right to ask any dog to leave at any time. Just as we do with people. 

So, yeah, there are now rules in writing, but, honestly that’s all common sense. If you’re a responsible dog owner, all of this is stuff you’re thinking about anyway.

We’ve missed your dogs, and the contributions they bring to our taproom. Things are just a little happier when they’re around. We can’t wait to see them again!