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beers on tap


growler fills

We sell 64 ounce and 750 ml glass growlers onsite. We also allow non-Imminent Brewing branded containers as long as they meet these requirements:

  • The container must be clean

  • It must have a sealable lid

  • 64 ounce or 750 ml mark must be on the container

  • Government warning should be printed on the container. (We have stickers if it does not comply)


Gift cards available

Need a quick gift for the beer lover in your family?
Now you can get Imminent Brewing gift cards online and send them via email to whomever you like! Just follow this link: https://squareup.com/gift/14C9JQ7MSQZKC/order

Brewery Dog of the Month

*Imminent Brewing invites well-behaved, leashed canine friends to hang out with their humans in our taproom or on our patio.     Please see FAQs for more info.

*Imminent Brewing invites well-behaved, leashed canine friends to hang out with their humans in our taproom or on our patio.

Please see FAQs for more info.


Susana María Sevilla, a.k.a. Xuxa (pronounced Shoo-Sha), is a three year old black lab/Rottweiler who loves playing frisbee and fetch, swimming, treats, kisses, hugs, and hanging out with her parents at Imminent.

She is so loved by her family and friends that she now assumes every human she sees is supposed to say hi to her and provide a few butt scratches.

Her favorite season is the-one-that-shall-not-be-named, and her least favorite food is pumpkin (even though it's good for her). She's also not a fan of vacuum cleaners.

If you ever see Xuxa walking around town, feel free to greet her. She is a good girl!

Thanks to the beautiful Sevilla family for sharing Xuxa with the Imminent community!

location & hours

519 Division Street South - Unit 2
Northfield, MN, 55057
*Entrance on 6th Street*

Phone: 507-646-2327

Tap Room HOURS:

Thursday 4pm - 11pm
Friday 4pm - 11pm
Saturday Noon - 11pm
Sunday Noon - 9pm

Private Space Rental

Available Monday - Wednesday 5-10pm
Rent the tap room for your special event!
Contact: info@imminentbrewing.com
to request more information


Imminent Brewing is a pretty cool place to work, if we do say so ourselves. As of Spring 2019, we are fully staffed in our tap room and brewhouse. If you are interested in sending a resume or filling out an application so we’ll have it on file just in case, please contact info@imminentbrewing.com


PARKING at Imminent Brewing

We work really hard to build good relationships with our local neighbors.  You can help!

Even when it's busy, please use street parking only and avoid using Family Fare's parking lot. There is on-street parking available on 6th and Division streets, and public parking lots nearby!

Pete's Chiropractic, located east of the brewery, is open on Fridays and we ask our customers to avoid the parking spot right in front of his office entrance on 6th street until after 6pm.

THANK YOU so much for your help!

Washington St. Construction is complete! Isn’t it BEAUTY-FULL!?


Q: Do you serve wine or cider?

A: We do not, unfortunately, because we can't. Our license allows folks to only consume the beer we make on this premises. For this reason, we cannot allow outside alcohol at Imminent. We always encourage folks to write to MN state legislators in the hopes that we can change this law. We'd love to have Keepsake Cider on tap! 

Q: Do you allow dogs?

A: Well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome at Imminent. We have a few rules we are required to communicate:

Owners must maintain control of dogs at all times. Dogs must be on a non-retractable, standard leash no longer than six (6) feet while on premises. No dogs behind the bar or in production areas. Please keep your pup out of aisles where people are walking!

Dogs must be house trained.

A current Animal License must be affixed to a properly fitted collar.

Dogs must get along with people and other dogs.

No barking please!

Dogs must stay on the floor. No dogs on furniture or laps.

Dogs may eat/drink ONLY from separate dog bowls on the floor.

* We reserve the right to ask your dog to leave at any time * 

If you have additional questions, please use our contact form below or give us a shout at (507)-646-2327. Thanks!



We offer private tours on Thursdays at 4 pm.  

Cost for a private tour and tasting is $5 per person and includes a 20 minute tour and two 5-oz tasters of the current beers of your choice. Scheduling is at our discretion and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Please fill out the "Contact Us" form below with your information.

Donation or sponsorship requests:

At Imminent Brewing, we firmly believe in supporting our community. Although we would love to donate to every charitable event, we receive more requests than we can support. We focus on local causes and branch out to a few that are near and dear to our hearts in nearby communities.

Some of the non-profits we support:
• Prairie Creek Community School
• Laura Baker Services Association
• St. Dominic School
• Sports Scholarship Fundraising
• Northfield Arts Guild
• HealthFinders Collaborative
• Tour de SAVE


We are not equipped to host special events during taproom hours.

Our neighbors at Armory Square have a beautiful event space available for rent. Contact them on Facebook.

Or, Inquire about renting our tap room Mondays through Wednesdays between 5-10 pm at info@imminentbrewing.com

We welcome small gatherings (bday party, bachelor party, etc.) during taproom hours.

*Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring more than 25 people - that way we can schedule staff accordingly to give you and all our guests a better experience!

Can I:
Reserve tables in advance?    Nope.

Pre-order beers?    Nope.

Bring in my own food for an event?   Yep.

Bring in my own alcohol? Definitely Nope.

Book my own band?    Nope.

Request a band?   Sure. We’ll listen and make the final call.

Come in earlier than my party and try to
nab some tables?    Yep - about 15-30 min.


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