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Open 4-11 Thursday & Friday
Noon-11 Saturday & noon-9 Sunday

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We sell an Imminent Brewing 64 ounce glass growler onsite. We also allow non-Imminent branded containers as long as they meet these requirements:

  • The container must be clean
  • It must have a sealable lid
  • 64 ounce mark must be on the container
  • Government warning should be printed on the container. (We have stickers if it does not comply)

Brewery Dog of the Month

Believet trains and provides service dogs, free of charge, to disabled military veterans at their training center, located just outside Northfield, MN. Read more about this amazing organization on their FACEBOOK PAGE or their WEBSITE.   

Believet trains and provides service dogs, free of charge, to disabled military veterans at their training center, located just outside Northfield, MN. Read more about this amazing organization on their FACEBOOK PAGE or their WEBSITE.   


On 11/10/2017, several Believet team members went to the animal shelter in Coon Rapids looking for a new service dog candidate.  Coon Rapids AHS appeared very clean and well run and we were pleased to find several dogs which appeared to have good potential for the Believet service dog program. After some wonderful time spent evaluating and getting to know the dogs, we were excited about a male, yellow lab/beagle mix named “Paxton.”  Paxton exhibited the behavioral responses that we were looking for:  Paxton easily allowed the trainers to examine him, he had a nice level of play drive, he accepted strangers well, behaved appropriately with other dogs, he was very food motivated, and had a very loving disposition.  The trainers they had to make a decision quickly because already there was at least one other party ready to take him. The trainers rallied around Paxton and adopted him as the next candidate to receive up to two years of service dog training on a path to assist a disabled military veteran. 

Paxton is yellow with lots of white spots. He is a very affectionate, sweet and loving dog, but he can be a little stubborn too! He is very good with children and he is a big hit while spending the weekends with his foster family (and six kids!) in Dundas, MN. It is early in the training process and currently Paxton is doing well. He is learning how to push a drawer closed, heel, sit, stay, lay down, leave it, go potty on command, shake, and visit.


*Imminent Brewing invites our well-behaved canine friends on a leash to hang out with their humans at our taproom and patio. We're always grateful to our hound-loving customers for bringing a little extra furry joy into the tap room!


Brewery location and hours

519 Division Street South
Unit 2
Northfield, MN, 55057
United States

Phone: 507-649-9148

Thursday 4pm - 11pm
Friday 4pm - 11pm
Saturday Noon - 11pm
Sunday Noon - 9pm

Monday - Wednesday 5-11pm
Taproom rental only
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PARKING at Imminent Brewing

We work really hard to build good relationships with our local neighbors.  You can help with this!

Even when it's busy, please restrict your parking to street parking only and avoid using Econo Food's parking lot (unless you plan to grocery shop first).

Pete's Chiropractic, located east of the brewery, is open on Fridays and we're asking our customers to also avoid the parking spot right in front of his office entrance, until after 6pm.

THANK YOU so much for your help!



We are offering private tours on Thursdays at 4 pm.  

Cost for a private tour and tasting is $5 per person and includes a 20 minute tour and two 5-oz tasters per person of a beer of your choice. Scheduling is at our discretion and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Please fill out the "Contact Us" form below with your information.


Donation or sponsorship requests:

At Imminent Brewing, we firmly believe in community and social responsibility; and although we would love to donate to every charitable event, we receive more requests than we can support. To that end as a brewery we have focused ourselves to causes that are local but also a few that are near and dear to our hearts in other communities.

Some of the non-profits we support:
• Prairie Creek Community School
• Laura Baker Services Association
• St. Dominic School
• Sports Scholarship Fundraising
• Northfield Arts Guild
• HealthFinders Collaborative
• Tour de SAVE




We are not equipped to host special events at this time during taproom hours. In late fall/winter of 2017, our neighbors at Armory Square will have a beautiful event space available for rent!

We welcome *small gatherings (bday party, bachelor party, etc.) during taproom hours.
*Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring more than 20 people - that way we can schedule staff accordingly to give you and all our guests a better experience!

Can I?
Reserve tables in advance?    Nope
Pre-order beers?    Nope
Bring in my own food for an event?   Yep
Book my own band?    Nope
Request a band?   Sure. We’ll listen and make the final call.
Come in earlier than my party and try to
nab some tables?    Yep


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the partners



Laura Meyers

Laura is a zealous home-brewer and craft beverage enthusiast. With a graduate degree in counseling psychology, Laura jokes she’ll be a great bartender. A bit of a renaissance gal, Laura has also worked in retail and food service, professional writing and editing, and non-profits in the creative arts and youth center milieus. Laura is proud to be an engaged citizen of Northfield and is eager to create positive relationships with other local businesses and members of the community. She sees Imminent as a sustainability-oriented business that supports a vibrant community of farmers, small business owners, artists and musicians. Laura’s favorite place to be (besides the brewery, of course) is in the stoker’s saddle of a grasshopper-green tandem bike somewhere Out West with a mountain range in full view…

Favorite beer: Currently, Peche Flanders Style Blonde from Culmination Brewing in Portland. I never thought I’d say that about a fruit beer, but there it is…A forever favorite is New Belgium’s Two Below. New Belgium was the first craft brewery I grew to love for their delicious brews, beautiful vision and their wit!



Derek Meyers

While in graduate school, Derek became enthralled with craft beer and the ways breweries, especially New Belgium Brewery, were able to engage and enrich a community. That same kind of community-oriented branding and marketing has informed Derek in his current role as a solar consultant, where he has energized the town of Northfield around a collective goal of making this area one of the greenest in Minnesota. He brings that experience to Imminent where he plans to promote Northfield and Imminent through distribution of Imminent beers, community engagement and recreational events that define Imminent as a unique brand and showcase Northfield for the exceptional place that it is

Favorite beer: Town Pump Pale Ale


Randy Clay

Randy was first exposed to fresh, local beer as an exchange student in West Germany (yes, that was a long time ago!) After college and years of bland macro-beer, Randy headed west to Colorado. Being the mid-'90's, he found himself in the midst of a burgeoning craft brewing scene. Managing fine dining restaurants presented the opportunity to share his new love of microbrews with customers and friends. He began his home brewing career in 1998 when his future wife gave him a kit for their first Christmas back in Northfield. Over the years he discovered he really enjoyed the art and science of this marvelous craft. In an effort to improve his skills, he joined a few home brew clubs, entered contests and became a certified beer judge. His love for making beer grew to match his love for sharing it. Having planted firm roots in this town he calls home, he eagerly awaits the opportunity to bring local, delicious, and varied craft beers to Northfield.

Favorite beer: Tabernash Munich


Tonja Clay

In 1994, the “townie” of the group, took her St. Olaf art degree and headed to Colorado to experience life outside of Northfield. This is where she found her future husband and also the wonderful flavors of microbrews. She noticed each brewery had their own unique label and this is one of the things that inspired her to pursue graphic design. While balancing her freelance business and 4 kids (2 teens and twin 8 yr old boys), she will use her design and marketing skills (with help from her marketing friends) to help promote Imminent Brewing as a place people from all over MN will want to visit. She hopes the taproom is a comfortable and inviting place for all ages to rest or play, spend time with friends & family, and of course to enjoy a favorite Imminent brew. 

Favorite beer: Imminent's Honey Basil Ale

photos by Tasha Hergott